Thanks reusable dry erasable pockets

Hi there!

Thank you, thank you whoever created reusable dry erasable pockets! I’ve saved so much ink, paper and laminating pouches since I started using them that I decided to dedicate them a post. There’s a before and after this resource.

Reusable dry erasable pockets

No more printing and reprinting the same over and over, no more laminating playdough mats or pictures. Now, my students get extra practice before writing on paper; I don’t have to laminate the mats, instead, I keep them in a folder and when we need one I just slide it inside the reusable dry erasable pockets. Saving money and time!

They’re easy, quick to set up, and can withstand child manipulation. Cleaning is also very easy: I wipe them with the same Clorox – water mixture we use on the tables since we sometimes employ washable markers or paint as alternatives to the dry erasable markers.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find the reusable dry erasable pockets as useful as I did!