Solar System Sensory Board

Hi there! We did this project for our study of the Solar System. The kids enjoyed it so much, they still stop at the hall with their parents and point to their planet!

For this Sensory Solar System, you’ll need the following


-Ziplock bags (a large one)

-one black presentation board (or a white one and black paint and the kid can paint it, like I did)

-Cheap white shaving cream (I bought mine at the dollar store)

-paint in different colors

-glitter in different colors

-white liquid glue


-pencil & eraser

-yellow construction paper

-card stock paper/white construction paper


-glue gun

-plastic table cloth (optional)


Sensory Solar System

-First draw the solar system on the board and cut out all the planets, leaving round holes for each planet. Be careful to not cut out the Sun if you used the same design I did.

-then paint the whole board black with the kids (only if you didn’t used a black one) and let dry

-prepare a ziplock bag for each planet: lay it flat, open it, put the paper inside, add paint and glitter (appropriate colors for each planet) in the middle. Cover generously with the shaving cream. Close the bag tightly.

-give the bags to your students so they can have fun squishing it and discovering the colors! This part will be the most fun as they try to guess which planet they got.

-after, is your turn to paste the bags on the back side of the board (try to push forward a little bit and concentrate the material on each hole so the planet will pop out more). Don’t worry if the bags are too big, just glue them together so the right color shows on the right hole and nothing goes outside the edges of the board.

-finally, gather your kids so they can help tracing the orbitational lines for each planet, Saturn’s rings and Uranus’ 27 moons (previously marked with a pencil by you) with glue. Add glitter generously! Shake it gently to make sure all the lines are covered and throw out the excess.

-Have your students label each planet and you’re done!

Thanks for reading!!