Sea craft for the classroom

Hi there!


I’m very excited to share one of the crafts we did for our under the sea theme. The kids had tons of fun doing this project!


You’ll need:



-toilet paper rolls (the center)



-pipe cleaners

-pom poms

-googly eyes

-paint in different colors


-clips/small craft sticks



-flatten the toilet paper rolls and cut them into a fish like shape (cutting triangles on each side)

-cut parallel lines on the top of the box

-paint the box all blue (let the kids do it) and set aside to dry

-after, use the glue gun to create an under the sea landscape with the pipe cleaners and the pom poms

-let the children paint them, creating their own design and set aside to dry

-then, let the children paste the eyes on the fish

-finally, use the string to tie the fish to the clips/small craft sticks and place them into the box. The kids will love to move the fish around!

Thanks for reading!