C is for Castle

Hi there!

I called this stem activity “C is for Castle” and it comes with tons of fun at low cost. Even zero if you happen to have the materials at home. 

C is for Castle


-empty box (I used one coffee cup box. You’ll see why.)

-paper towel/toilet paper rolls (centers)

-scissors /cutter

-glue gun

-white glue

-paint and paintbrush(you could use a sponge)


-if you used a different box, cut out the castle door.

-flat and cut stripes in one of the paper towel roll to get an oval like shape with pointy ends.

-put the box, the rolls and the shapes. Invite your children to create a castle!

-the white glue may not work at every position so that’s when you may want to use the glue gun.

-after you finish the castle, paint it.

-let dry and add some small toys to encourage imaginative play!

Thanks for reading!